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Hello world!

First Impressions.

Its an oft quoted phrase in estate agency that “kerb appeal” is king but yet so few people seem to take this on board.

If your entrance hallway is mess of shoes and coats, smells of damp, is stuffed with boxes and bags, has bare cables hanging down, a bare lightbulb, it sets the tone for the whlole viewing. Your viewers will be thinking “if they havent tidied this bit” or “why have they maintained the electrics , what else havent they done?”

As a nation of shoppers, we are all aware that the discount clothing shops on the high street, they pile their products high, have as much stock as possible, piles of stuff from floor to ceiling, produce spilling out of the shelves, stock constantly being refilled;
we look at it and think, i’m getting a bargain here, I dont mind too much about the presentation because I know I wont be paying full retail for this stuff..

Now compare this to the high end shops , they are well lit and bright, staff welcome you into the store, clothes are neatly spread out, not too many of each design, one of each size, colour co-ordinated, plenty of space on the rails, pleasant music in the background, altogether a nicer experience

The discount stores are a frenzy, nobody wants to be in there any longer than neccesary, grab what you need as cheap as you can, pay and go…

Now if you relate this to your house, do you want it to be seen as the bargain end or the high end? would you like your viewer to think they can get a bargain or will have to pay the top price to secure your home?

Take a step back from your house and have a good look at it, see it from the eyes of a buyer, someone who has never seen your house before, someone who doesn’t know that you will get round to fixing the broken gate next weekend (weather / football / family permitting!).

Our top tips:

Make sure the house number is clear and easy to see, buyers want to arrive relaxed and not embarrassed as they just went to the wrong house.

Are the paths clear of clutter, chop back any over hanging branches (no one wants to get soaked by a bush as you arrive)

Any hazards cleared away (children’s bike or scooters, plant pots etc)

Does the doorbell work or is the knocker rusted in place?

Does the lawn need cutting?

Have door mats down for people to wipe their feet.

Make sure the entrance is as warm and inviting as possible, it sets the tone for the whole of the viewing.

If you have a dark hallway make sure some low level lights are on

And don’t be afraid to ask your agent for their advice as well..l